Vita Life

App Design | UX UI

The Vita Life app helps users track their vitamin intake and set daily reminders. This app uses AI technology, so users can scan vitamin products and they’ll be automatically added to their reminder list. The app also educates users on the benefits of vitamins and suggests appropriate dosages for maintaining maximum health.


The current apps of this type take a lot of user's time to write the name of the vitamin, it's information, supplement facts, but do not tell you some other important information.


With Vita Life app users can easily scan their vitamin product and the app is going to enter all information by itself. Furthermore, this app will also tell you about the benefits of a certain vitamins and where else you can find it in food.



Trademark for this app simply use the typography and the name which is Vita Life.



User testing informed the app content and I also discovered information about user habits, lifestyles, and additional information on vitamin usage.

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Final Design

An app that takes care of your health with your vitamins intake.

Fill out the information

Users will set up the app in order to customize their vitamins intake based on the user's gender, age, or diet restrictions.

Important vitamins

Users can read about most important vitamins, the benefits, how to take them, and in what food those vitamins can be found.

My collection

Users can add all supplements they are taking and read information on how to take item.


Users can set up reminders for some or all the vitamins they are taking.