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Due to the COVID pandemic, many people began avoiding the gym, yoga, and fitness classes because they didn’t felt that these public spaces were no longer safe. And unfortunately, many people also lost their motivation to exercise inside their homes. The goal of this project was to create a unique experience where users not only feel safe, but feel motivated and entertained during regular in-home exercise.

Andrea Conner
Isidora Beskorovajni

UX/UI Design:
Isidora Beskorovajni


The challenge was to create a motivational exercise application that incorporates VR compatible videos so the user has the experience of being outside of their home.


To create an app with a library of pre-programed workout choices, beautiful virtual locations, and options for live-training sessions with well-known trainers.



My research included VR iconography, fitness trademarks, colors associated with fitness, and reviewing multiple fitness apps.


The final design incorporates a circular arrow surrounding the typography that represents the 360 VR view.



After my initial research, I wireframed possible solutions and user tested the prototypes to evaluate app functions.


I then refined the UI, made color selections, and further developed the application for user testing.

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Final Design

After donning the VR headset, users are able to select an instructor, one of the instructor’s workouts, and choose their virtual background for the session.

This is how the picture looks on the phone before it’s placed into the headset.

Make your own schedule

Users can easily make their day to day schedule, what exercises they want to work on, and at what time.

Choose the exercise

Users can connect their phone to VR and choose any type of exercise from the list. There is even an option to work out live on a certain days and times with some of the best instructors.

Choose a background

People can choose any type of background they want to work out, whether it's somewhere in nature, on a beach, mountain, or even inside of a studio. However, this option is not available for live exercises.