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Athenaki is a small family-owned olive oil brand made from olives grown in a centuries-old grove in Athena, Greece. Although the extraction processes have improved through the generations, their authentic taste has never changed. Athenaki is also the first company to successfully infuse organic lavender into their oil to create a truly unique flavor.


The olive oil market is overly saturated and it’s difficult to find a reliable quality product since many of the brands are making the same claims.


By positioning this brand as a product grown in heritage olive groves, Athenaki can claim it’s authenticity. And to keep up with the market, they’ve added a truly unique lavender infused oil to their product line — Greece is one of the world’s largest largest lavender producers.



Athenaki means “small Athens”, so I wanted to create something delicate that represented Athena (the capital of Greece) and olives. Keeping that in mind, I researched the city, mythology, language, culture, and land.


The final solution is the combination of a capital letter “A” and an olive branch. I chose gold to represent the elegance of Ancient Greek culture, and green to represent their heritage olive groves.



After creating several exploratory thumbnail concepts, I created a series of roughs for user testing.

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Final Design

The Gift From Greek Gods

Try the original taste from organic Greek olives. Pure, rich, and fresh, with variety of flavors that mix well with any meal.

Product Page

Offers three main Athenaki products of olive oil which you can order separate or in package.

About the product

You can order Athenaki's special lavender olive oil and/or read our recipe on how to make original Greek salad using our olive oil.