Aquatic Sports

Branding | UX UI

Aquatic Sports focuses on selling quality sport swimsuits and water sports equipment. Their professional swimsuits are made of PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), or texturized polyester that will last longer than any other swimsuit without losing its elasticity. This material provides high water resistance, resistance to chlorine, saltwater, flame, and color fading.


The two most famous competitors of Aquatic Sports are Arena and Speedo. The challenge was to create a new brand that stood out against their better known competitors and to create a seamless online experience for their customers.


To create a fresh new visual brand that highlights product benefits and allows customers to easily find the best equipment for their specific needs.



The research consisted researching the evolution of olympic icons systems, learning about their competition, and creating a cohesive design system for their website.


The final mark was created by combining a lowercase letter “a” with an olympic style icon.



The website includes options for users to input their body measurements in order to find the best fit for their suit. My design process included user-testing wireframes to see how they responded to the search features.

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Final Design

The science of winning

Aquatic Sports’ professional suits are designed to beat the competition. Every suit is made from the highest quality swimwear fabric and is resistant to fading, stretching, and the corrosive effects of salt water.

Choose desired category

User can choose a specific category for shopping, or get recommendation of favorite Aquatic Sports' products.

Swimsuit category

See available swimsuits or filter out the side bar for easier and more specific search.

Product Page

On product page users can read reviews, swimsuit's characteristics, and choose the swimsuit that will perfectly fit by typing their body measurements in the box.