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Planty is an app that assists in-home gardeners with growing and maintaining their plants. Users can set watering and fertilization reminders, or learn about house plants in general. Planty is perfect for the novice because it utilizes AI technology to recognize plant species, simply by snapping a photo.


To find a way for plant owners to be able to clearly identify unknown plants in order to be able to property take care of them.


The final app design allows users to search for a by plant name, or to search from an image — either photographed or uploaded. Once the plant is identified, you can place it in your library, access the information needed to grow it, and set maintenance alerts.



I wanted to create a simple trademark that will have friendly name and use some interesting typography.


My decision was to simply combine a name Planty with leaves.



The concept was to create an easy-to-use app with options on how to discover plant species, provide the user with growing information, and set calendar reminders for maintenance alerts. After creating wireframes, I user tested them for app functionality.

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Final Design

When you first open the app, you’ll get a 3-step guide on app functionality.

3-step guide

Guide on how the app can be used and what kind of features it offers.


Take a photo of your plant for identification that will pull up all the information you need in order to take care of that plant.

Create your plant's library

This way user can read how to care of each plant in the house.


User can track all plants that need to be taken care of for that day.